InterNova online #2 published

The second online issue of the international science fiction magazine InterNova, that I edit in collaboration with writers, editors and translators from numerous countries, has just been uploaded and is available here. (An e-book version in various formats will follow soon.)

This time it’s a theme issue about contemporary science fiction from Greece, compiled with support of the Science Fiction Club of Athens. It includes seven stories by six writers, a survey article about the history of science fiction in Greece and an interview with Nebula Award nominee Eugenia Triantafyllou.

Another InterNova online issue is planed to be published before the end of the year.

InterNova online #1 published

The first online issue of the international science fiction magazine InterNova – a subproject of the World Culture Hub that I edit in collaboration with writers, editors and enthusiasts from around the globe – has just been uploaded. It features short stories by Brandon Crilly (Canada), Adriana Alarco de Zadra (Peru), Louis Evans (USA), Bruce Golden (USA), Guy Hasson (Israel), Helmuth W. Mommers (Austria), Frank Roger (Belgium), Ana Cristina Rossi (Costa Rica) and Cristian-Mihail Teodorescu (Romania). The issue can be read here.

Of all the magazine issues that I have edited or co-edited over the years this one perhaps has filled me with most relief. I was plagued with a bad conscience towards a number of writers and collaborators when a planed relaunch of the magazine some years ago didn’t come about due to my prolonged health problems. It was a long road to finally get the magazine going again and I’m grateful to all writers who believed in the project and contributed stories, essays and interviews. I owe a special thanks to Adriana Kantcheva, a Bulgarian speculative fiction writer living in Germany, who was the first to join in as a volunteer editorial helper. She will continue to contribute work as her time permits and I’m looking forward to our further collaboration.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Juliana

Ich möchte auf diesem Wege meiner Tochter Juliana zu ihrem 31sten Geburtstag gratulieren.

Ich hoffe, daß es Dir gut geht und daß Du weiter Deinen Weg gehst. Mein größter Wusch ist es, Dich in diesem Leben noch einmal wiederzusehen. Ich habe Dich nicht vergessen.



Podcast interview with Guy Hasson

Guy Hasson from Israel, a long-time collaborator of the two story magazines Nova and InterNova that I co-edit, has recently invited me to a podcast interview on occasion of the planed relaunch of InterNova. Our talk about the struggles of local science fiction productions and the emergence of a global sf movement is available here via a Soundcloud link. An upload of the complete video interview on Youtube will follow soon. Please keep an eye on Geekdom Empowers.


New story published

My short story “MindMorph” has recently been published in Macht & Wort, an anthology of science fiction stories about the power of language and communication, edited by Hans-Jürgen Kugler and René Moreau for Hirnkost Verlag. It’s a hilarious verbal dispute between an entrepreneur and a government agent facing artificial intelligence service bots seizuring power in Berlin.