Editorial work

Nova is a science fiction magazine that I founded in 2002 in collaboration with Ronald M. Hahn and Helmuth W. Mommers. Today it’s edited by Michael Haitel (production & distribution) and me (fiction & coordination), assisted by Thomas Sieber, Christian Steinbacher and Marianne Labisch. Nova’s focus is on short stories and novellas by contemporary German language science fiction writers but it also includes in each issue a classic reprint or a translation by a foreign guest writer. Please send story submissions to nova-fiction@iwoleit.com and regard the hints for writers on our homepage.

InterNova started as an offspring of Nova in 2005 with the goal of publishing outstanding science fiction stories from all over the world in English resp. in English translations. Due to distribution problems only one printed issue was published. After long preperations, however, InterNova was relaunched as an e-zine in late 2010, edited by me and assisted by Sven Klöpping and several well-known proofreaders. It has published about 40 stories by writers from more than twenty countries, supplemented by some classic reprints and articles about the local sf productions of Latin America, China, India and others.

InterNova is currently in the process of being relaunched with three online and one printed issue each year. The first online issue is due in March 2022. Submissions are welcome to internova@worldculturehub.net