I’ve already made electronic music in my early twenties. For a few years I’m back into music now. I’m still learning and building up a live and studio setup. So far I’ve had a number of live performances in Second Life and recorded some mostly experimental ambient pieces that were solely created with free software synthesizers and samplers.

As the title suggests, the¬†Ambient Etudes are a series of short pieces that resulted from my experiments with lush atmospheric sounds and soundcapes. Starting out from a few basic intervals or chords, the pieces draw a lot from improvisations and not all effects that resulted from layering sounds were calculated. I’m very fond of ambient music and of creating moods and atmospheres with sound. The Ambient Etudes are an ongoing project and I hope the experiences I gain from creating these pieces will help me when I approach larger and more constructively created musical compositions.

The Ambient Etudes are available at Soundcloud here. After some hiatus I’m back into recording now and more are soon to follow.