New Cutting Edge books

The book series Cutting Edge that I conceived a few years ago and now produce in collaboration with Tom Turtschi and p.machinery publisher Michael Haitel – a showcase of the best of contemporary speculative fiction in German, planed to be complemented with classics and selected works by international writers – is slowly gaining momentum. I have recently set up the website and around the turn of the year two new books were published, this time story collections by Wolf Welling and by Tom Turtschi.


Wolf Welling, born in 1943, has gained a reputation as a regular contributor to anthologies and magazines mostly in the field of science fiction and fantastica. His tales have a strong leaning towards the surreal and the Kafkaesk. It was a pleasant experience to work with him on Nebelwelten,  a selection of his best stories from 2005 to 2023. Horst Pukallus has contributed an afterword.

Since I have published a number of his stories in Nova, Swiss writer and media professional Tom Turtschi has grown into a kind of creative and intellectual brother-in-arms. His collection Protokoll Delta Bravo compiles seven somewhat thematically connected stories mostly about the promises and perils of artificial intelligence. I was honored to be invited by Tom to contribute an afterword which I hope will provide some insights into his thinking and writing.

The – as we hope – unique look of the Cutting Edge books is not only due to Tom’s cover concept, including a self-designed font, but also to the individual approaches that he and me tried to realize my idea of creating cover illustrations by means of some kind of generative or artificial intelligence technique. Tom’s cover for his own book is based on real-word photos processed with an API by Chuan Li. My own cover illustration for Wolf’s collection was created with a self-developed procedure for generative image crossing, using public domain photos by Martin Vorel.